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 Subscribe for online watercolor workshop (BASIC PORTRAIT) on 01-02nd June / For registration & more details subscribe or WhatsApp +919990443754

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Workshop will include:

Day 1- Basic watercolor techniques in detail to improve your watercolor skills and knowledge of all watercolor materials and differences.

Day 2- Learn how to paint still life with confidence. 

Day 3- Value study with monochrome sculpture. 

Day 4- How to paint floral paintings with soft edges. 

Day 5- Learn how to start basic portrait painting with all basic techniques.

Day 6- How to paint realistic portraits with details. 

Video links will be provided. This link will not be available to download. You can watch online as per your timeline. 


Feedback and full assistance will be provided on Whatsapp. 


Seats are very limited (First come first).*

Subscribe for Online watercolor workshop (ADVANCE PORTRAIT) on 08-09th June/ For Registration & more details subscribe or WhatsApp +919990443754

Thanks for submitting!

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