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ABOUT uday

Uday Bhan is an Indian watercolour artist known internationally for his realistic watercolour paintings. He has been awarded many international awards. He is basically from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (India). He is a self-taught artist and creates amazing realism in his paintings. His works are very much inspired by the struggles and emotions of daily life and are full of life and beauty. He was one of four artists from India whose work is exhibited in the world's most prestigious and largest Universal Watercolour Exposition 2018, in Zhuji City, China. Till now, his paintings have been exhibited in various countries like Thailand, Nepal, Albania, Malaysia, South America, Portugal, and China. By profession, he is a certified physiotherapist, but art is his first and last choice.


Bachelor of Physical therapy

Awards & Nominations:

  • Artwork “Grapes” selected as artwork of the week Sep-15/10/13 by ORIGINAL ART Worldwide art contest 2013.

  • Winner of Wall art competition 2013.

  • Got Outstanding Artwork Award from Original Art Worldwide Art Contest 2013.

  • Artwork “Old lady” published in Wall Art Magazine Oct 2013 edition.

  • Mentioned as best portrait watercolor artists by

  • Works are selected by International Watercolor Society for exhibition in Nepal, Thailand, India, Albania, Malaysia, USA, China and various countries.

  • Awarded as Top 10 still life artist in International Watercolor Society, Albania 2017

  • Honorable mention awrard in ABURAWASH International Watercolor Contest 2017

  • Honorable mention awrard in ABURAWASH International Watercolor Contest 2018

  • Special recognition award in GAWA (Global Association of Watercolor) contest 2018

  • Most versatile upcoming artist of the year award 2019 by GAWA (Global Association of Watercolor Artist) contest 2019

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